Soma™ Stand

Fold ‘n Go Portable Audio and Charging Dock

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  • Total power 10 watts AC adapter or battery operated power modes (batteries not included)
  • Stereo speaker legs expand for stability
  • Enhanced functionality with Alarm Clock App
  • Designed to work with device still in most protective cases
  • Up to 6 hrs play time while on-the-go
  • Power status LED indicator Line-in jack for use with other MP3 devices

Soma™ Stand is XtremeMac’s newest portable speaker and charging dock made for iPod, iPhone and iPad. It’s the perfect take along speaker dock for a picnic, poolside, home and office running on either AC power adapter or batteries. Sets up in three easy steps; a case-friendly dock accommodates most devices while still in its protective case. Power on and enjoy room filling stereo audio sound for up to six hours playtime while on-the-go. Connections include a line-in jack for use with other MP3 devices. As an additional feature, you can download the free XtremeMac Alarm Clock App to create a customized wake up experience. The app allows users to set dual alarms, wake up to choice of iPod song or chime, set nap/snooze times, and listen to music or nature sounds to enhance the sleeping experience.